• I really hate doing things wrong. It’s the competitive nature inside me. Even something small like sending out a list of students qualified, or who appear to be qualified for honor society induction, to find out one should not be on the list. It’s a stupid thing to feel stupid about, but I do. I don’t know why stu cannot be inducted, but stu cannot be inducted. I don’t know if I missed something on the transcript, but anyway, like I said, it’s a dumb thing to feel dumb about, but there it is. ETA–the other person made the mistake about the stu, not me!
  • It’s a nice day out, or rather nicer than it has been, and by nice, I don’t even mean sunny, I mean that it’s like almost 40 and it’s not snowing; ergo, it’s nice out. I’d really love to go for a run out there, but since the tendons in my knees and one of my feet feel like they are about to snap into two, I’m thinking that’s not the best course of action at this juncture. I do perhaps need to consider hitting the bike at the gym, just to do something, but I’m still super exhausted. Sigh. And my legs, well, my knees and my foot where there are tendon issues really hurt a bit still.
  • So who in the world knows how long it’s been since the carpet in my office was last vacuumed. I don’t. However, this did not stop me from bunching up my coat and putting on top of my book bag and laying down on the floor and taking a nap behind my desk yesterday afternoon. After which I went and got a cup of coffee which meant that since I had coffee so late in the afternoon, despite being tipsy and very tired, I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Though I’m sure all the sugar from the ice cream and chocolate I had after dinner had nothing to do with that either.
  • At least this morning I got the honor society students’ names out to the faculty. I have to write a brand new syllabus this weekend for a course I haven’t taught but didn’t know it was a new course because last semester my boss said, "hey, you should teach this next fall!" And I said, "sure!" not knowing that it was something never taught before, or at least not on the books. So yesterday boss sends out email–"hey, I need all the new course proposal syllabi by Tuesday." Me: "I don’t see fall course in catalog. Do you need a syllabus from me?" Boss–"oh yeah, oops, I forgot about that." Not really a big deal except that months ago I said "hey, can I send you a draft of a syllabus for this course to look at" to which his reply was "hem, haw, uh, it’s really not necessary." And now, BAM! I have to do it this weekend. Fuck.
  • Of course, even though I have that to do this weekend, papers to grade, and a bunch of stuff to read, not to mention my own research, for which a new schedule still needs to be created, blerg, I am spending today cleaning because I don’t want to spend tomorrow or my weekend doing such activity. Plus, it’s really driving me batty. The kitchen is clean and the bathroom needs to be cleaned again, but it’s not the disaster it was a week ago, but the rest of the apartment is one holy mess. And I can’t think or concentrate while I’m here anymore. It’s time to get this shit taken care of. So that’s the plan for today. Clean like a motherfucker.

Nola out.


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