TGIF, I Think.


I gotta tell you. This stupid ass sinus infection has me laid the fuck out. Seriously. As I told EE in an email, it’s a phlegm fest of Lalapalooza size proportions here, and I’m not talking about the later years. I’m talking about the full on balls to the wall mega fest of the early 90s. Yup, that’s what’s going on in my body from the chest up. It’s the "what’s in your wallet" barbarians rockin out with the sleezy mucus guys. I wish I had a fever so I could sweat this crap out of me, but I haven’t had a fever. I guess since I feel like I have a little bit of energy, I’m just going to go work out today for the first time in a week and a half, which totally sucks because the marathon is in like nine days! Maybe I do just need to sweat and try to get some of this stuff out of the system. I know, it’s totally gross. You guys really don’t want to hear about that.

Because of the snow and ice, I haven’t taught since Monday. Aside from the first day of school, I’ve met with my freshman twice and my other two classes only once. I’ll be honest and say that while it sucks for my schedule, because I have such a rotten sinus infection, I’m glad for the two days of snow. It meant on my non-teaching day that our meeting was canceled, and I got Wednesday off, too. I got three days where I didn’t leave the house! And because I worked all day Tuesday, I mean I read, I prepped and everything and tried to get ahead for next week’s classes, I was dutifully rewarded with not just a delay but a canceled day of classes on Wednesday during which I did not clean, cook, read, or move basically. I took the dogs out a couple of times yesterday, but yesterday I did the same thing–nothing. I tried to read, but after 35 minutes I had no idea what I had read, I thought I shouldn’t really push myself then because I’d have to redo it all later anyway. Now this means I’ve lost two days, but clearly my body needed it. Although I’m still so freaking sick, but today I’m going to work out and I have a baby shower to go to later, too.I’ve got to put in some research time this weekend, too. And Sunday night is the Superbowl, so I’ve got to get everything finished before then.

I think my MW schedule is wearing me down a little bit, even though I’ve yet to have a full and complete week of classes. Fortunately, my 4:00 class really just energizes me. I love that class. It seems so far like a really fine mix of students who are really willing to just sort of go with things, so as tired as I feel by 4, once I get into that class, I’m not so tired anymore, and I feel great afterward, so that’s good. I’m glad that the last class of the day is like that. Now that might change when we get to the giant, some will think it’s boring novel, but for now, I’ll ride the wave of greatness we’ve got going so far because it seems to be good for the two times I’ve actually met with them. So I’m really excited about that class. And I’m doing more stuff I’m comfortable teaching rather than stuff I’m not just for the sake of teaching it–like I really should teach a major author for this class, but I just suck at teaching this author and it doesn’t help the students for me to teach them something so poorly, so we can talk about him and his importance without me actually teaching him. And I feel better already about the class. And I think I’ve figured out pacing for the class a bit better, too–for all of them really, so I think that will help.

And since my morning is getting away from me, I’m going to read a little bit now before I try to hit the gym later. Have a great Friday all!


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