Call me Turkey because I’m in a Foul Mood


I sorta just wanna whine and complain a little bit. Big shock, right? I think it might be mostly PMS–or rather PMS is making things seem much worse and making me crankier.

First of all, I’m going to get something that to most of you might seem really dumb off my chest. The end of the Saints season last night, to a team with a losing record, really has me quite devastated and sad and cranky. You know I love all things NOLA. And let me say, that until last year when the Saints won the Superbowl, I never really *got* team pride and sports mania. Sure, I always rooted for the Saints; they are always my *home* team. I never was a fair weather fan. Actually, it is a point of pride with Saints fans to remain unwavering in their support for the team, especially given the team’s history. I think the one other fan base that might come close is that of the Buffalo Bills. And the Chiefs haven’t won anything since the 60s, so this is an important season for them, too. But until that moment last year when we won the NFC championship and watch Favre come unraveled and get the shit pummeled out of him, and then when we smacked down the Colts for the win,** I suddenly realized what *it* was all about, why people go crazy over football, why people become *fan*atics. Yesterday afternoon, I polished my fingernails black and gold. I walked around Target in my Drew Brees jersey. I have a Saints scarf. My next tat is a fleur de lis (but that’s a NOLA thing, too). So before you guffaw at my ridiculousness, not that any of you would judge me, and know that I totally used to tell my parents to chill and to poke fun at my sister for her violent mood swings during UGA games, I totally fucking get it now. And I think it’s worse because I’m so freaking homesick. But I was just bitchy last night after that defeat. Super Awesome Colleague and I usually text each other during the games and I think collectively, our last four comments to each other involved the desire to barf. Shitty, shitty defense coupled with all of our running backs out by the end of the game, and the fat lady sung. It’s being touted as one of the biggest playoff upsets in history. I hold sports grudges, too, so Seattle is now on my shit list of teams I cheer against. I’ll eventually let this go, and I know, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a stupid thing to get all bent out of shape about, but I totally get it now.

Also, I’m not ready to go back to school. Okay, some of you are going to hate me when I say that it’s not for another two weeks yet for us, but I still only feel like I’ve had a day or two to relax. I thought we’d travel, sit for a while and I’d get to detox from the semester, but I still don’t feel like I’ve had that chance yet. And I’m dreading the first week of classes because I have two students who want to meet with me to talk about their grades, and I’m totally not sure what meeting with me is going to do for them. One didn’t turn in a paper. Ze "forgot" or rather "thought" ze had turned in the final draft but only turned in rough drafts. Um, that’s a zero for the essay which was worth 25% of the final grade, so yeah, that will take your almost B grade and drop it to a D. The other student is the one who failed for absences and who thought that if ze did well on hir last two essays that I’d forget that ze missed three weeks of class in a fourteen week semester. Yeah. No. And even had ze not missed so much class, hir texting issues alone also equaled an F as ze lost almost 20% of hir final grade for texting the entire semester. Really, ze should have lost about 50% of hir final grade, but the result is still the same. So, no. It’s not like a boxing match where you can be losing the entire time and land a lucky punch in the 12th round that knocks your opponent out and win the match. Sorry Stu. Furthermore Stu, you did not do well on your final exam either. I don’t even think you answered the question. And I still have a plagiarism report yet to write up and send out, so that has me cheezed off as well. However, I’ve not heard from either my chair or the provost about these students, so I’m assuming that means they had admitted defeat or they are waiting for the start of the semester, which makes me dread it, too. However, I should not be stressing about these things before they happen because it makes me cranky.

My beautiful golden hair turned copper. It was still a pretty color, but waaaaaaaay too much warmth, and if I wore anything but brown, I looked really ruddy. Now it’s significantly darker compared to yesterday morning. It’s still super pretty, actually, it looks almost exactly like this; however, I had gotten so used to being blonde in the last two weeks that this seems really dramatic. On the other hand, it was what I had hoped for the first time around anyway, and this color is significantly lower maintenance than the gold/copper which was the whole point of changing my haircolor in the first place–lower maintenance = less upkeep = lower cost and fewer trips to the salon. It also opens up more make-up and wardrobe options. So why am I complaining then? Because I look different than yesterday and I wish that I still had some golden locks in there. The toner might fade out of the highlights and the gold might peep through, so we’ll see.

I think one of the issues is that it is subtle, and I haven’t done subtle in a long, long time. It’s either been one extreme or the other–red, almost black, or total blonde. It’s been three years since I’ve done subtle, and subtle lasted about 1.5 months. What’s good about subtle hair is that make up can be really dramatic without the whole look being overpowering. Or it can be subtle too without washing you out. There are options. It’s just change that I have to spend a couple of days adjusting to.

I think I’m going to eat now. I feel better for having vented a little bit. Thanks. I have the whole house to myself until about 4:30, so I should totally take advantage of it and read and relax and do whatever without anyone around but the mutts.

**Here’s another example of a sports grudge–I used to be a HUGE Peyton Manning (I mean, I’ve been cheering for him since his first year at Tennessee–so for well over a decade here) and Colts fan until the Superbowl last year. I was so disgusted with the unsportsman like conduct on the part of Manning. Yeah, you’re sad you lost the Superbowl, but you don’t storm off the field without shaking the winning QB’s hand. It’s not like you’ve never won a Superbowl either. A truer mark of character is not how you handle winning, but how you handle defeat. So right now, I’m pissed at Manning, and I’m glad they lost with 3 seconds to go to the Jets last night. Suck it Colts. Plus, all my travels through Indianapolis last year treated me horribly, so the Colts get no love from me for probably ever, and it will be a long time, if ever, that Manning gets off my shit list. If Brees pulled that shit, I’d tell him to suck it, too, and would take down my Brees poster, but he didn’t so we’re cool.


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