Nola is a Stress Bucket!


Oh my goodness it’s been a stressful week. Well, not really, but it feels super stressful actually. I don’t feel like I’ve been able to relax yet at all. We got in late Sunday night. Monday we had to pick up The J’s stepfather’s father’s truck so we could take our car to the shop, so we spent Monday afternoon over there, and then we went to Wal-Mart. Tuesday I got up early to get my hair done, which took 3.5 hours, and then I met The J, and we did something. Wednesday we went back to Wal-Mart; I went and got my nails done. We went out to eat with friends (I think I’ve mentioned this; bear with me. I should also tell you about J’s BFF’s wife’s shenanigans. Good lord). Then I spent Thursday shopping with a hangover finishing up the J’s gifts. Then Friday we went to the J’s ex-stepmother’s house to see her and his sisters. Saturday was afternoon and evening with The J’s dad’s side of the family. Sunday we went to the fancy shopping area so J could get a cover for his new nookColor which he loves, btw, and then to the apple store so I could get my shiny new cutie patootie MacBook Air (on which this is my first post!), and which I love. Then it was off the J’s mom’s for dinner with that side of the family. Monday we ran errands for the car that was in the shop–tried to get tags renewed; tried to find a branch of our bank. None of that worked which doubly sucked because Tuesday we were supposed to leave for the Grandparents’ and we can’t do that with expired tags, which meant calling Gramps and disappointing them.  Seriously like 6 hours in the car wasted. Then we went to the J’s mom’s to watch Monday Night Football so I could see the Saint’s game. I haven’t worked out since Saturday, btw. Monday night we decided that one of the ways to solve our car issues was to buy a second car. We figured right now, with the shape the car is in, we had two choices: 1) keep dumping our income into the car to keep it running in the hopes that even with the J’s soon to be diminished income we can save up more to get a car over the summer, or 2) get the car now so we can plan on the car payment every month and fix the other car as we can so that every repair isn’t an "emergency." So we decided to get the new-used car. And we wanted to do it here so that the property taxes are associated with the house and therefore lower than in Fancy City (which is what I’m renaming Village Town). I was super stressed about this because my credit sucks. Like it really does. I know it doesn’t go lower than 500, but I thought for sure they’d make an exception in my case and drop the rating to 400 just for me. The J’s is bad too because of our last year here in Home City, but it was good enough to finance a car without a ridiculously high interest rate, and we decided if the payments were under a certain amount, then we would finance the whole thing (not ideal) in order to keep the savings in tact, which again, if the J weren’t about to lose his income, then I’d rather have paid for about a 1/3 of it and financed less, but hey, at least now if things get tough, we still have our savings to help us out.

So, we bought this!! In the green color. It’s a 2010, used, one owner. OMG, she’s so freakin cute! The J and I both hate "shopping around," so he got on-line and started looking at dealers’ inventory Monday night. A few days ago, we had gotten behind a Soul and I mentioned that when the time comes, we should check those out because I figured (as much as I want a Mini), given the economic situation in which we’re about to find ourselves, that super great warranty they have seemed like a great idea, which apparently for extra, you can purchase the extended warranty on used cars. So we found this one. 22K miles (almost), 2010, sport package for less than the price of a new baseline model. We went to the dealership and there she was, waiting for us. It was fate–the other car that the J was really interested in, for the same price,had been sold already, and it turns out that it needed a new head gasket (it was a Chevy). Now while that would have been covered, we’d still be out of a car right now. Anyway, we check her out, take her for a test drive–she’s a zippy little thing, which I like–and it’s surprisingly roomy with storage under the trunk, so that’s cool, and I can’t fit my imaginary triplets in there, but we can fit imaginary twins, and I said that I was fine not looking around for anything else because I didn’t think we were going to find a better deal for the price, and I just loved her, and while the orange would have been a better color, I like the fact that the green is called "Alien," not that I base purchases on color, but my last car was white, so I didn’t want something boring. The J is happy with it. I’m just so excited about her! Plus the gas mileage is better than in the other car, so that will help offset the payment as well, and we figured with the way we eat out, we easily eat that payment in two weeks anyway, which is ridiculous as well, so we’re about 85% sure it’ll be all right. It’s still better than dumping $500-1500 every two months or so on the other car. So yay! She has a sun roof and tinted windows and these cool speakers that light up to the music if you want them, too, and there’s an extra set of radio controls on the steering wheel, and there are like 8 airbags in the car, cruise control. The interior is cloth, which is fine because we have the mutts, but it’s this "classy" (hehe–I think it’s supposed to look "classy") black and hound’s tooth interior pattern, and everything but the seats are black and khaki. And since her color is "Alien," I’ve decided that her name is Mulder the "She-Hulk" (you know, because the hulk is green, too, and it’s ironic because she’s not a huge car, and she has to have both in her name), but "The Mulder" for short. I also wore all of my Voodoo and Buddhist good luck and positive energy stuff to the dealership, too, because I figured we’d need it. And I guess it worked because everything went the smoothest I’ve ever seen buying a new car go.

In any case, even though the last week has been mostly positive, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to relax at all. I’m hoping that since the grandparents are low key and since g’ma is recovering still from surgery, that we’re not going to actually do anything over there but relax. And I can read and just be mellow. I’m hoping. At least during the day time. But I haven’t seen my dad’s side of the family in like a decade (his sisters and my cousins), so it might not be that relaxing, but I can totally hope for peace and calmness. But that also means a 10 hour drive almost today. I’m not begrudging it at all, and I don’t mean to complain, but there hasn’t been a day yet since the end of the semester that I feel like I’ve gotten to decompress at all. And I can feel it building up. I’ve cried over silly stuff (truly) the last two days. My stomach hurts. I wake up with headaches, and I’m not even drinking! Nor am I pregnant either, I assure you. And it’s not PMS either because that’s over and done with, too. So all I can think of is that it’s just stress and that we’ve been leaving early in the mornings to run errands that take all day which keeps me from being able to work out. And it doesn’t get light here until 7:30 (no shit), so I don’t want to run around here in the dark by myself if I don’t have to. So there’s that issue, too. Three days without a workout has really thrown me for a loop here. And I know that’s part of the reason why I feel like crap. Which, I guess that being said, I should probably just shut up and go for a run now so I can get that in before we leave today, otherwise I am going to be a bitch of a woman and feel like shit.

I hope you all had wonderful and restful holidays. I’m hoping, at least by the time we get back from the g’parents that our last week or so in Home City lets me just read all day and do some non-stressful work stuff.


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