Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is Snow!!


The title has nothing to do with the post really. I just want a white Christmas.

I finished up my Christmas shopping for The J yesterday. Yeah, I went waaaaaaaaay overboard, especially given that we had to drop $500 on the car yesterday, too. But you know, he indulges me so much during the year, and I rarely get to spoil him, so yesterday I went overboard. I couldn’t help it. I know it is not necessary, and I know he doesn’t base how much I love him on the amount and cost of the gifts he receives–rather, it’s more just to pamper him. Get him a bunch of things he wouldn’t buy for himself that he wants, and that he doesn’t buy because he does stuff for me. Although after this weekend, we have to start living before his last two paychecks, like are are dirt poor because come Feb. 1, we will be.

It’s snowing! I just looked out the window, and it’s snowing! I want a white Christmas. I really do. A totally cheesy winter wonderland is what I want, especially since we didn’t have a chance to put up our tree here or any decorations this year. Sigh. All the presents are piled in an imaginary tree in the corner. But it’s okay. They’ll be plenty of decorations at his familys’ houses.

I have done nothing this week. We’ve been out and run errands every day since we’ve been here. And then next week we turn around and leave to go to my Grandparents’ house and then more family. And then here for a week and then school starts. So much to do. I’d like a couple of days where I actually get off my keester, workout first thing, and then sit and read all day. Especially since I brought every book I own with me. I’ve been to Wal-Mart more times in the past week than I have been in the past year! (I don’t go to Wal-Mart).

I really miss it here. I miss the house. I miss the gas stove and having my own washer and dryer. I miss not having to go up two flights of stairs just to get to my home. I miss the fact that stuff is basically like half price here. Like we went to Applebees on the road about 10 hours from here, but same region; it’s comparable to Home City. Our dinner-$30.00. The same dinner where we live now (the only difference was two beers)–$60. Seriously? Ridiculous. It would be different if the cost of living where we are now, if we actually got something out of it–but where we are, as high as property taxes are and as much of my paycheck that goes to the state (a state with like a 9 billion $ deficit)–the roads are abysmal (like most of our car problems have to do with the the roads knocking stuff out of whack) and the school system is horrific, but if we had kids, we wouldn’t be able to sent them to a private school so they could learn how to read before they graduate from HS. It’s just frustrating to be back here and see the huge glaring difference knowing that The J’s income is about to be reduced by close to 75% when he starts school. And honestly, part of the reason why I changed my haircolor close to something that closer to my natural color is because I’m only going to be able to afford to get it done 3-4 times a year rather than 6-8 to maintain it. (Why do something expensive at all? Because I’m a girl and I have hair issues, that’s why. It’s a small thing, but it’s important to me). I’m really worried about this coming year. We will have to find a cheaper place this summer. I don’t want to worry about that now. I want to enjoy the holidays, but being here really makes the contrast between the two places extremely glaring. I love the friends I’ve made in Village Town. I love my colleagues. But I wish I could transplant all of that to here or NOLA. That would make me happy. Wow, that took a depressing turn, sorry.


It is really is so wonderful being back. It’s wonderful being back here with The J. The Roommate has done so much stuff to the house–little things that make like this huge difference. He hung curtains! It looks better than when we left it! (Which makes us feel terrible, but we’re glad that he feels like this is home). It looks like most of the sketchy neighbors are out of the neighborhood, too, and nice meth and crack free people have moved in. (That’s not an exaggeration. I’m glad the meth-heads moved out before they blew the street up. Not to mention the people who moved in afterward who would shoot pistols at the retaining wall. Yeah, I was horrified by the idea of a ricocheted bullet coming through the kitchen window. Like six cops showed up for that one). There have been no idling cars on the street at midnight since we’ve been back. No teenagers and early 20 somethings sitting out on on the curb at midnight doing god knows what. It’s a nicer street now. We’re going to come back for the first half of summer. J will take his math class cheaper at the CC down the road; we’ll do some stuff on the house. It’ll be grand. Sorta like last summer, but without as much traveling, and he’ll be here this time with me.

Ah… Well, I’m going to read and stuff and relax while I wait for my workout clothes to dry so I can get some good workouts in today before the first of three family gatherings this weekend.

Oh, since everyone is posting their Christmas menus, here’s mine: I don’t have to cook a damn thing! Yay! The J is making cookies. Me? I’m going to read or unpack and put the rest of my clothes away. I mean, I like cooking and stuff. But I am really not envious at all of having to prepare a large meal for family. I’m sure when we have kids and it becomes "our" Christmas, that’ll be different. But for now, I’m glad to have others cook for me, especially since technically we are on vacation. 🙂


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