I hope you like the new format! I wanted something festive because I can’t help myself. I love the idea of Christmas. I love giving presents and stuff. I don’t like the commercialism, nor do I like the idea that how much a person loves you is based on the type and amount of presents you receive from them, and I don’t like the way that it makes the giver feel either in that scenario. However, I love the idea that Christmas is supposed to bring out the best in people–like Bill Murray’s character at the end of Scrooged says–we should all be a little bit nicer, kinder, more willing to help others, and that it shouldn’t be limited to Christmas. While neither The J nor I have any clear or definitive religious beliefs (I am a lapsed Catholic and he is really nothing, though I think if I were to follow anything, I prefer Buddhism, but that’s a whole other post), we still celebrate Christmas. I love putting up the tree. I love watching The J open his gifts. I love a quiet morning with him looking out of the den window at the snow, and the quiet evening with the lights off looking out at the snow and the lights. I really love winter up until New Year’s I guess. Then the magic of winter is ruined for me. The snow needs to go away so I can start with my new year, and life goes on. But I feel like I get so much during the year, that so many people do so much stuff for me that I Christmas is the time when I can give back. I prefer the gift giving part of Christmas myself rather than the gift receiving.

We were supposed to leave this morning. We should have been on the road already but I got nothing done yesterday. Rather, we got nothing done yesterday, so we leave tomorrow. We’re driving. We have a month vacation. It’s not like we need to rush. I can’t wait to head home!


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