Finally off to the Dermatologist!


 I am so thankful that I not only got to sleep in a little bit this morning, but that I don’t have to rush off to the gym to meet with my trainer because I have a dermatologist appointment (finally!!) in about two hours. That’s right, I got off my ass and made the appointment, and today’s the day! Finally, I may be on my way to having a pretty face again! Right now, I feel like I look like a calico kitten, which they are cute, but that look works only for kittens. And in the summer, I was starting to look like Wolverine with the cheek chops, which is fine for Wolverine, and if I had the adamantium skeleton to go with it, I wouldn’t complain. Oh, should I explain? I have melasma. Or did I tell y’all all ready? When I went to the doc to get my referral he said, "Whoa! How many times have you been pregnant? (because it’s known as the "maternity mask.") I said, "uh, none." He said, "Whoa!" A bit rude in his delivery, but prior to his coming in I heard him in the back bashing for what was probably poor internet research and that I probably had sun spots or a bad tan but didn’t know what I was talking about. What that means then is that a) I was right, and I always am, and b) it’s been diagnosed so it will be fixed now. 

And now it’s time to go to the derm. I’ll let you know how it goes. Most likely, since my mom had the same thing, mom said that it’ll be months of Retin-A at first to which I’m not looking forward–especially in winter, but we’ll see.


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