Another Week Begins…


I thought since the NY marathon was yesterday that starting the training for marathon no. 2 would make it an auspicious start. Not quite so. We get out to the car, dead battery. 45 minutes later, triple A shows up to give us a jump. Head to the store to get new battery. 40 minutes later, battery changed out in addition to one starving, aggravated husband. Another $100+ on the car in addition to whatever we’re going to have to shell out this week for the car’s maintenance and fixing appointment that it goes in for today (wow, could that have been an uglier sentence?). Sheesh. Starving aggravated hubby wanted McDonald’s. I’d like not to think about the fat that was consumed in the meal I had yesterday. But like what always happens after McD’s, I’m exhausted and need a nap because I know my body’s working way too hard to process all that crap. However, I am happy to say that we did actually make it out for our 9 miler, saw two beautiful deer on the trail, had a good dinner, watched Simon and Simon and passed out before 10.

This morning, however, I’m sore as hell. I didn’t finish the reading I wanted to this weekend which would have allowed me to get up and grade this morning, so I’m reading instead to try to get a bit ahead. And I guess I need to get the book that I’m teaching Wednesday because I never got a desk copy, so that kinda sucks a bit there. I guess I could order it on Amazon right now and save myself the trouble, and I did, so that’s done. Thank you Amazon prime.

I’m starting to feel a bit stressed out. I’m assuming that there will be students who want to see me about their essays in the coming week. We’ll see how many actually show up. Some of my freshman need to see me but I doubt they will.

I guess I don’t have anything else to say. I need to finish reading so I can do some yoga because I’ve decided that yoga is going to be an integral part of my training this time and will be done on my two rest days, like today because I’m getting old and having anxiety about my impending birthday, so there it is.

Hope everyone has a great week! I’ll be buried under stacks and stacks of grading, so hopefully I’ll see you soon!


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