Today starts Marathon training (again). This time The J and I are running it together. Or at least as closely as our pace allows. I think he’s going to be a good full minute per mile faster than me, which sucks for me because if I ran the pace he is shooting for right now, I’d qualify for Boston. That’s the ultimate goal now, too. It’s been a dream of mine, since my first season of Cross Country back in HS to qualify for Boston one day and run it. The J, who when I met him, ran only on occasion with me (in a moment of infatuation, he signed up for a half-marathon with me) because he was in love (I mean he still is, but I’m talking about like right after we first started dating), now has a running bug. He’s been a little frustrated the last couple of weeks (not with me) because was still recovering from Chicago, but I know he wants to run further and is ready to start marathon training, which is so super cute and cool because he used to hate running. Now he’s so gung ho about it. Now his long term goal is to qualify for Boston (though he may change his mind once he actually runs a marathon, but I’m not worried about that). And I’m just so super giddy about that. I was thinking we should wait until the 15th to start the training, but I’ve had four weeks of recovery (already?? wow), but this puts the race at 15 weeks from today so that doesn’t leave us too far off our training. And this time, I’m going to do a better job with the training. And it will be better with The J around for those long 18-20 milers. I think our first 20 miler is the day after Christmas. But that’s okay. We can do it. It also gives us an excuse to buy winter running gear! And I love buying running gear!! So does The J, so that’s cool. More immediately though we need something for the rain and I need some capri tights. I froze my butt off in my shorts and the tights would have been too much, eh, but this is probably of no interest to anyone really but me.

Hmmmm, some other things..

We have to take the car in tomorrow because even though we got one thing fixed, there are now like three things wrong with it. Two of them may come under a recall notice, so that would be nice because then we don’t have to pay for that. It’s not going to be that much anyway to fix the car, but the car situation is starting to stress us out a little bit because since it’s almost 10 years old, things are starting to break down and need fixing and it’s becoming clearer to us that after two blissful years of only having one car, we may, once The J starts school, need to get two cars, and at a time when our income is going to drop. We’re also looking at houses which stresses me out because we either need to look at houses and consider buying one or we need to decide that we’re not going to because spending time showing me houses that we can afford and getting me excited about being in a house and then saying, "I don’t think we can do this" stresses me out. If our total expenses in a house are going to be the same as what we pay now, then I’d rather be in a house. I mean, ideally it would be nice if we got a house where our mortgage was lower than the rent we’re paying (our rent is obnoxious–over 1K a month), then I don’t see the problem, especially if we’re going to be here for a while. And we already pay electricity and water and between $30-40/mo to do our laundry at the laundromat in the apartment complex. We’d have to pay for heat and garbage, but our electricity bills over the summer were $300/mo so a well insulated house is not going to be that much. It’s not a bad place we live in. It’s small and annoying sometimes, but say our expenses on a house are $200/mo than what we have here, it’s feasible. And that just means that while it will be more convenient to have two cars, then we wait and figure out a way to make it work with just the one. So that’s the big stressor right now. We did find one that’s nearly perfect, or at least at first blush it is, and I’m trying to get The J to set up an appointment for us to go look at it. We’ll see. Le sigh.

I’m super frustrated with my body, but if I go into it, I’ll sound like a freaking broken record, so we’ll just leave it at that.

It looks like I’ll be doing little more than grading for the next month. Seriously, I need to take this into consideration when I’m doing my syllabi for next semester. I took up papers Wednesday. Two sets. Gave a different set back on Thursday. Still have the abomination papers for the froshes that need to be picked through and a new assignment developed out of that work. I’m hoping to get the two sets that I took up last Wednesday back this Wednesday. A week from tomorrow I take up a whole new set. That Thursday, more frosh papers. Then it’s Thanksgiving. What are the chances I get this all graded before Thanksgiving so I don’t have to worry about them over Thanksgiving? It’s going to be a challenge.

I started working on one set from Wednesday. Oy. They need a lot of TLC. I’m probably over commenting, but it’s clear that many of them don’t get it, so I feel like I owe them copious comments for revision purposes and to help them with the next paper, which is why I want to get them back by Wednesday before the next one is due, but it took me an hour and a half to get through three. That’s rough. Le sigh. And we’re doing another honker of a novel which I love, but it’s a lot of reading. But I guess it’s that’s time of the semester eh? I’m not really complaining about it. Odd huh? Usually this is when I declare how much I hate everything and whine and be cranky but while I’m stressed and it’s true that I will cry at the drop of a hat right now, it’s odd to me how different I feel at this point this semester than I felt last year. You all were right about the difference between year one and year two. I should have had more faith. Of course, my issues with doing my research… well, one thing at a time. If I think about that at this moment, then well. I need to work on that, but I’m optimistically surviving right now, by the skin of my teeth, but it doesn’t bother me so much. That’s the way it is right now. I’ll figure it out eventually.

I am a little stressed about the fact that it’s already November. WTF? Where did the semester go? But if I start to think about that too much, I’m going to get down and start thinking about what I haven’t done and then sound like a broken record all over again with my usual crap, so we’ll just leave it at "Holy Crap! It’s November!"


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