Oh Someone Save Me from Hell in the form of Essays


Dear God, I know now why I have put off these papers. Yes, they made changes. They put citations after every three sentences throughout the entire paper because still, after going over argument, thesis statements, and what to do with the argument and thesis statement, I have 20 papers lifted entirely from Wikipedia.

They are not getting them back today. Actually, they are not getting them back anytime soon. I may let them use them as essay 4. But we are basically starting over now. New assignment. No outside sources. Nada. That’s it, and that’s all because seriously, they are that bad.

The ones that aren’t? Well, the end of the semester will just be that much easier for them. I’m not angry or upset. A little frustrated, but I feel like it’s my fault that the assignment probably set them up for failure, but on the other hand, they should know that lifting an entire website and putting it into a paper, and just because you cite it, is not a paper.

I’m going to go run now. 


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