Marathon Woman!


I don’t have time for an extensive post, but I just wanted to let you all know that I can officially call myself a marathoner!! I finished. I survived. It was hot as holy hell out there (84 before I even finished the race)!

My official time was 5:04:37. Considering that I didn’t even think I was going to finish, let alone finish under six hours, I’m quite pleased. Plus, I thought my friend whom I was meeting was going to smoke my ass, and I ended up finishing before she did, which is sorta sad because she had a terrible race because of the heat, but my worst fears did not happen at all. I finished about mid pack–about 22000 people in front of me and about 22000 behind me. I confess to doing lots of walking the last 7 miles–at that point, my goal was to run aid station to aid station and walk the length of the aid station, and I have no shame for walking either because about mile 15, the number of walkers totally increased. I was even feeling so good around mile 23 that I started cheering on the people around me who were struggling. Now, I was shuffling myself, but as much as I am not a huge fan of City Where Marathon was (no offense people who live there and/or love that city–I’m definitely a coastal type girl), it was a spectacular first marathon experience. The spectators were amazing and made five hours fly right by. The marathon organization left something to be desired, but it was a great experience. I felt great post run. Stiffened a little bit once I sat down for lunch, but The J massaged the kinks and the worst pain was and still is a little bit in my feet. I’m worried about one toenail, but it’s not black or loose or anything, so I might be okay. That whole toe just hurts. And walking up and down stairs hurts a bit, but other than that, I feel surprisingly great. I thought for sure about three hours in I was going to be cursing the fact that The J and I are running a marathon in February, but instead I thought, "sweet! This is awesome! I can’t wait for February!"

I had two freak out moments though pretty early on. I won’t lie. About mile six (my friend had pulled ahead of me early, about mile three or four), I almost started to cry because I thought, "OMG. 20 miles to go. I’m alone. I can’t find The J in the crowd. I’m so scared." Then I caught my groove about mile 8 and felt fine until mile 11 where I thought, "I’m not even halfway done. This sucks. I’m so alone. I can’t find The J in the crowd. I’m never gonna make it." Then I looked around and realized I was not alone, that there were like hundreds, thousands of people around me, and by the time I hit the half, I thought, "hell yeah! I feel good! I’m gonna finish this!! This is fun!" So I finished. I’m proud.

On the other hand, I did absolutely no work this weekend. I have a presentation in a week. I have tests and short papers to grade by tomorrow and 100 pages of the Great Sock Novel to read by tomorrow. Today I have more essays coming in that need to be done by Thursday. And I have a college open house this Sunday. And a thing to do tonight. And drinks with friends tomorrow night. I blew off work last night because I knew the next week was going to be like this and one night would not mean that I would get any other time off, so here I am. And meetings today and Thursday. Oy. At least one big thing is behind me, and I don’t have to stress about training right now. Even though we have a race in February, I’m taking some training time off until November. I guess now it’s time to get back to academic/teacherly stuff.  


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